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Torchwood Technologies is involved in all aspects of tracking and tracing and manufactures a range of bespoke RFID, NFC and Barcoded high resistance products in South Wales.


We specialise in providing ruggedised labels for use in all conditions using high impact adhesives and pride ourselves on being able to provide labels for use where others fail. As a result, our tags have been successfully deployed by a number of 'blue chip' clients in a wide variety of vertical markets including, logistics, retail, facilities or asset management, automotive, healthcare, utilities and stadiums.

  • Over 25 years combined expertise and experience
  • Provide the best solution, manufacture and install
    - end to end bespoke service
  • Unrivalled within the industry

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Tracking, tracing & manufacturing Barcoding/RFID/NFC

Our products can be used to assist companies in protecting or tracking their assets and modernise their compliance management systems to ensure they are fully efficient and up to date. Whilst barcodes are read individually and need line of sight, multi items can be read on the move with RFID and data can also be amended as required.


In addition, we can develop implement and install asset management systems, carry out asset surveys and data verification to provide valuable asset information to analyse and report on performance. We can also provide the latest technical solutions to support control and simplify the tracking or management of assets as well as adoption of a risk based maintenance approach to ensure full compliance and peace of mind.

The company also benefits from over 25 years combined expertise and experience in dealing with a wide variety of blue chip clients across a broad range of sectors. This factor, coupled with the ability to identify the best solution, manufacture and install, provides an end to end bespoke service that is unrivalled within the industry.

RFID, NFC and Barcoded Sample Products

Our Services



As part of our product range we have recently produced a rugged and reusable RFID / barcoded tag for merchandise tracking and inventory. This can be attached to merchandise via an EAS tag but also through the pin hole like a conventional 'swing ticket.'



Barcoding Solutions

Your businesses products, documents and even people can benefit from being identified. Bar codes are the easiest and cheapest way to achieve such identification, but only if they are fit for purpose.



Near Field Communication

NFC allows the transfer of information using wireless technology between two end points (i.e. two NFC-enabled smartphones or an NFC-enabled smartphone and an NFC ‘tag’).

Near Field Communication



Floor-tag eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. This product is ideal for easy identification of your stock or pallet movements in warehouses or DC's.



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