Torchwood Technologies Ltd // Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC -Near Field Communication allows the transfer of information using wireless technology between two end points (i.e. two NFC-enabled smartphones or an NFC-enabled smartphone and an NFC 'tag'). NFC allows for a two-way communication and information transfer occurs if the two communicating end points are extremely close to each other (no more than 5cm).

With the best in class mobile engagement solutions from Wooshping, coupled with the all weather features of the Torchwood Technologies products, customers will have added confidence in the flexibility of service offering and extreme resilience and longevity delivering optimum performance year in and year out, with no physical degradation in quality.

Near Field Communication - City West Homes

With decades of investment and experience in delivering ruggedized, all weather products, coupled with the flexibility and scalability of our service offering, our customers will be supremely confident that their outdoor mobile engagement campaigns will continue to serve optimally in years to come."

‘Torchwood is partnering with STICS (Superior Tag Innovation & Compliance Solutions) to provide an inspection / service solution for City West Homes throughout the London Borough of Westminster. This solution utilizes a range of bespoke NFC tags produced by Torchwood linking to the STICS software that gives the customer total visibility on the inspection, repair and servicing of their fixed assets.’

Torchwood Technologies & Wooshping extend collaboration beyond Fratton Park

Torchwood Technologies & Wooshping extend collaboration beyond Fratton Park

Following the successful launch of on-seat mobile engagement stickers with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park, (see here) Wooshping and Torchwood Technologies are delighted to announce their ongoing partnership to deliver best in class products and services to a wide variety of commercial sectors, where ruggedized, resilient, all weather products are needed.