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RFID Cambered Surface on Metal Tag

Torchwood Technologies, specialising in the production of rugged barcodes and RFID tags, has recently launched a new RFID Cambered surface on metal tag which can be used on cambered metal surfaces such as scaffolding, gas cylinders, Industrial pipeline and industrial metal parts. This is a rugged product with a lifespan of 5 years + in external conditions and enables you to multiread and track a large number of items without relying on line of sight.

RFID Cambered Surface on Metal Tag.jpeg

What are the advantages?

1. High waterproof range IP68
2. It is a soft tag by using aviation leather, so it can be installed on cambered metal surface fixed with back adhesive, lanyard or rivet.
3. Anti-skidding, scratch resistance, heat resistant, and anti-UV, suitable for outdoor application
4. Operating temperature -40C to+100C

5. Read Range up to 5m by fixed reader up to 3m handheld reader.