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RFID Asset Tracking Tags

Auto-ID can be used to track almost anything that is tangible. For example, with our asset tracking RFID tags you can track tools to toilets and people to paintings. Torchwood can help you develop systems that can either track items from zone to zone or help you pinpoint specific location of items. Therefore, with our asset tracking tags you can track or locate high priced or mission critical items anywhere, anytime.

Tracking and locating capability may be a security or health and safety requirement. Therefore, using Torchwood's range of asset tracking RFID tags you can support first responders, secure parking areas and track mission critical assets. Additionally, you can secure areas, track and locate critical assets such as computers, test equipment and life saving equipment.

UHF RFID Asset Tracking Tags

Torchwood's combination HF and UHF RFID asset tracking tag offer scalability, with the best ROI, they really are future-proof. Now there's the GEN 2 UHF RFID tag inside the tag. Alternatively, there's the combination Barcode and RFID tag.

Manufacturers are using Auto-ID to track WIP (work in progress), semi-finished goods and finished goods. Moreover, with the Torchwood range, we can help your business integrate Auto-ID into your company and improve your business processes.

New RFID Asset Tracking Tags & Barcoding

Torchwood has developed 2 upgraded mount on metal RFID Barcoded products for both indoor and outdoor use. There are 2 sizes of indoor tags 60mm x 12mm x2.8mm or 75mm x15mm x2.8mm that are ideal for laptops and other IT products. The external rfid asset tracking tags are highly ruggedised with a strong casing material and multiple fixture methods ideal for bin tracking. Read ranges are up to 5m.

RFID Asset Tracking TagsBarcoding RFID Asset tracking tag

RFID Asset Tracking TagsRFID / Barcoding Asset tracking tags

Barcoding & RFID Product Tags

Universal RFID Tags

Torchwood Technologies universal tag is self-adhesive easy to fit solution which is available in any size.

Universal RFID Tags Example

Pallet RFID Tags

Torchwood Technologies specially encapsulated RFID tags use a unique self-adhesive design delivering rapid and safe tag application. These RFID Tags are designed for wooden pallets and crates and the challenges that wood presents.

Pallet RFID Tags Example

Metal RFID Tags

Torchwood Technologies created a unique shielding technology for our Metal RFID tags. Our RFID Tags enables you to work using metallic materials and avoiding the interference you get with standard RFID tags.

Metal RFID Tags Example

Extreme RFID Tags

Torchwood Technologies designed this specific RFID tag to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, To cope with extreme manufacturing and industrial processes.

Extreme RFID Tags Example

Flex RFID Tags

Based on our Torchwood Technologies universal RFID tag, Flex is an advanced flexible encapsulation RFID tag. This RFID tag delivers a solution for specific surface characteristics.

Flex RFID Tags Example

Torchwood Technologies Floor-tag®

Torchwood Technologies  Floor-tag® eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. Our Floor-tag® is perfect for easy identification of stock or pallet transport in warehouses or DC's.

Floor-tag® RFID Product Example