Logistics RFID

Auto-ID can be used to track almost anything that is tangible, from tools to toilets and people to paintings. Torchwood can help you develop systems that can either track items from zone to zone or help you pinpoint specific location of items. You can now track or locate high priced or mission critical items anywhere, anytime using our diverse hardware and software solutions

Tracking and Locating

Tracking and locating capability may be a security or health and safety requirement. Torchwood's solutions can satisfy the needs of a diverse number of users. Our full range of RFID readers, tags and software can be used to support first responders, secure parking areas, track mission critical items to secure areas, track and locate critical assets such as computers, test equipment and life saving apparatus.

Manufacturers are using Auto-ID to track WIP (work in progress), semi-finished goods and finished goods. Transportation and logistics now have a cost-effective way of tracking goods in transit as well as the associated moving equipment itself.

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RFID Product Range