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Barcoding Labels & Tags

Barcoding tag scannerYour businesses products, documents and even people can benefit from being identified. For example, it could be at the Point of Sale or product and component traceability or work in progress tracking. Another example of barcoding labels application is for access control. Moreover, barcode labels are the easiest and cheapest way to achieve such identification. However a barcode label should be fit for the purpose, considering the environment it's being used and its application.

We have the expertise and manufacturing capability for all barcoding labels, from the simplest paper barcode tags to the most sophisticated domed plastic barcode tags. Moreover, our adhesives are designed to withstand the toughest of environments.

Barcoding Tags

When in comes to barcoding tags, they often need to have unique codes to identify asset. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct coding structure. Consequently, if the code needs to be unique then it needs to be registered with GS1, the world wide standards organisation for such codes. It has to be printed on the right media, e.g. paper, laminated, plastic coated, for appropriate protection during use. Finally, it needs to use the correct adhesive to stay permanently attached. Torchwood are registered with GS1 with full "Solution Partner Status". Therefore, we are highly qualified to advise on the use of, and the provision of bar codes and barcoding tags labelling.

Barcode Durable Floor Tags Benefits

Torchwood Technologies Floor-tag® are durable floor tags that are easy to apply and more cost effective than other Solutions.

The barcoded floor tags are products that we have developed following feedback from the Logistics Link Show and are extremely durable, truck and abrasion resistant. Therefore, they are ideal for easy identification of your stock or pallet movements in your warehouses or DC’s. For example, in mass storage areas and locations where height is limited. 

Moreover, this is a unique barcode eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. Consequently, the resin protects barcode from damage caused by power washing, detergents, chemicals, solvents, grease and spillages. Here's additional technical information below that illustrates the robustness of our resin floor tag products.

  • Polyurethane High impact resistant Floor Tags.
  • UV Resistant, Anti Shatter and Scratch proof.
  • Up to 10 Years Exterior Grade Acrylic Adhesive.
  • High resolution reads barcode from long range.
  • Temperature range -40C - +80C.
  • Maximum adhesion achieved within 24 hours.

Please see below examples of the barcode types we provide. All barcodes are digitally printed with outdoor UV inks that are stable for 5 years+ without lamination. Need information on social distancing floor tags.

Rugged Barcode Product Tags

Torchwood Technologies Rugged Barcode/RFID Tags (below) are a sample selection of products we have supplied to our ‘blue chip clients’  including – Amazon, Fire & Rescue Service, ENGIE, Bentley Motors, British American Tobacco, UK Government Departments, The Post Office, Stadiums, Universities and many others.

These tags can be attached in a variety of different ways including Adhesive, Tie Tags, Screw Holes, Key Ring, Snap Hook etc. and most importantly will last for many years. (we have evidence of products that have lasted over 25 years in some hostile environments!)

Barcoding Labels Product Range

Resin Domed Polyester
- Order code 1

Resin Domed Sequential Barcode - External / Protection From Scuffing

Resin Domed Polyester Tag
Coated with a resin dome that gives maximum protection against scuffing / collision. Arizona Test 1500 hours with no damage or colour variation Thermal Shock: 10 cycles from -20°C to +85°C with no variation. Humidity resistance: 240 cycles between 42°C and 48°C with more than 95% humidity, with no variation. Expected lifespan 15 years+ in extreme conditions.


Resin Domed Polyester Tag Example 1

Resin Domed Polyester Tag Example 2

Tamper Evident Destructible
- Order code 4

Anti Tamper, Self Destruct Sequential Barcode

Tamper Evident Destructible Tag
Vinyl Made from a tamper evident self destruct vinyl which cannot be removed in one piece. If an attempt is made to remove the label, it breaks into tiny fragments, clearly indicating that the label has been tampered with - a great theft deterrent.



Tamper Evident Destructible Tag Example 1  Tamper Evident Destructible Tag Example 2

Ultra Durable Polyester
- Order code 2

Laminated Label Sequential Barcode Hi-Tack Vinyl
Ultra Durable Polyester Tag

100% laminated Premium adhesive labels are over laminated with a clear film of polyester to provide heavy duty protection. The temperature tolerance is over an exceptionally high range of -54C to +140C Expected lifespan 10 years +


Ultra Durable Polyester Tag Example

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium TagsAnodised Aluminium Tags are made from a high quality aluminium. The colours and graphics are etched permanently into the surface of the material. This highly durable product means labels can be used indoors or outdoors. This is the material we recommend if your labels will be exposed to salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, or continuous abrasion. Made specifically for these conditions, it will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life. 


Anodised Aluminium Tags Example 1

White / Silver Void Polyester
- Order Code 3

Anti Tamper Sequential Barcode Label - Void If Removed

White / Silver Void Polyester Tag
Made from a polyester material, this product offers very good adhesion and durability. If an attempt is made to remove the label, the word 'VOID' remains on the product. The label cannot then be re-used.


White / Silver Void Polyester Tag Example 1

White / Silver Void Polyester Tag Example 2
White / Silver Void Polyester Tag Example 2