Case Studies

Mid West Wales FRS

Torchwood are pleased to report that we have supplied all RFID hardware requirements for Mid West Wales FRS.

This includes readers for all 58 of their fire stations to complete an asset inventory on every Fire Appliance within the service using RFID tags previously supplied by Torchwood. This will enable the equipment on each appliance (up to 350 items) to be checked and validated within 3-4 minutes saving many hours of labour using a manual tick sheet system.

The second part of the project includes the use of fixed RFID readers / antennas in cabinets to be installed in each Fire station to manage the stockholding and distribution of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  It is estimated that this will reduce the overall stockholding by 35% and make substantial savings / efficiencies in the usage, maintenance and purchase of new PPE.

Fire & Rescue Service

Following successful installations with 3 separate Fire & Rescue Services Torchwood has been nominated as the preferred supplier for RFID Tags for the whole of the UK Fire & Rescue Service. The 3 minute video presentation from Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service illustrates the concept employed using our Torchwood RFID tags.
[ View Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service Video ]

NHS Asset Management

Torchwood has provided sequential barcoded tags for Asset Management in a number of NHS Hospitals. These tags are highly ruggedised produced in both resin and laminate using specialist adhesives that will stick to any surface and provide longevity where other tags fail. As a result asset file uploads and storage can be automated and a single point of control established to ensure that all data is accurate that ensures total governance security and control over all assets. All health care regulatory bodies such FDA, NHS, and the EU are introducing compulsory unique coding to ALL medical devices. Contact us for more information.

Mount on Metal Tracking

Torchwood has introduced a new range of mount on metal RFID / Barcoded products that can be used in external and internal locations. These tags come in a variety of sizes and fixing methods and have been deployed in the most heavy industrial environments as well as on computers and smaller assets branded as appropriate.


One of the largest UK Companies has successfully deployed our Barcoded Floor Tags to enable stock locations to be easily identified with readers installed on Fork Lift trucks. These tags are highly ruggedized and avoid the need for expensive excavation and epoxy resin.

Retail Stock Management / Inventory

As part of our product range we have recently produced a rugged and reusable RFID / barcoded tag that can be attached to an EAS tag, although it can also be easily attached through the pin hole like a conventional 'swing ticket.' This product has been successfully trialled with a major UK retailer and plans are now in place for a roll out in 2015. This increases stock accuracy to over 99% and there is clear evidence to suggest that a 1% increase in accuracy results in a corresponding increase in sales.

NFC – Near Field Communication

NFC-Near Field Communication allows the transfer of information using wireless technology between two end points (i.e. two NFC-enabled smartphones or an NFC-enabled smartphone and an NFC 'tag'). NFC allows for a two-way communication and information transfer occurs if the two communicating end points are extremely close to each other (no more than 5cm).

This technology has opened up a number of opportunities including -

  • Customer engagement using mobile phones and on-seat stickers with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park that has enabled fans to feedback to the club voting for Man of the Match and receive information from the Club that can be updated whenever required.
  • Torchwood has launched a new simple to implement proof of visit / service solution, using mobile phones on an NFC enabled touch point to record the data you require to manage your operative's activities. This ensures that the client has full visibility on service and attendance at all times.
  • Torchwood has provided NFC / QR ruggedized stickers for use in Moto Motorway Service Stations across the UK to enable customers to access information and take part in competitions / promotions. This has significantly raised sales levels on products featured by up to 400%

Consultancy Project – Construction Industry

Torchwood has recently completed a consultancy project providing an overview of the procedures within one of the largest UK construction companies. A detailed report was prepared highlighting improvements that can be introduced by the use of automated data input. This project encompassed all plant and equipment, transport and stock management and included the use of RFID / NFC / Barcoding solutions.

Barcoding Small Assets

Torchwood has developed a small barcode only 18mm x 8mm to add to our existing ranges. The product is ruggedized, laminated with high quality adhesive and is ideal to identify smaller assets e.g medical instruments, mobile phones, lighting etc. This product has been used successfully within the NHS and Nottingham Institute of Hearing Research and ensures total visibility at all times.

Movement Of Equipment

Torchwood deployed tags in BT to monitor the equipment stores of for BT field engineers. The solution required a system that would monitor items being removed from the store without intervention of the operators and decreased losses by up to 10%.

Monitoring IT Equipment

Monitoring IT equipment is one of the major challenges faced by any business. As a provider of cutting edge technology in the gaming sector SEGA this is issue is of particular importance. Torchwood designed a bespoke tag and partnered with systems integrator to provide a range of RFID tag solutions to help prevent the unauthorised removal of equipment.

Access Cards

The University of Bedford required effective identification of students which is a challenge in educational centres. New regulations require accurate records of attendances particularly for foreign students. The Torchwood product and combination card housed both HF (short range) for transactions and long range (UHF) for presence control. This solution reduced by 50% the tag requirement and significantly increased the capture of attendance data.

Plastic Returnable Containers

One of Switzerlands largest enterprises with over 80000 staff and a turnover in excess of 25bn CHF transports products in specially designed containers or totes. Torchwood designed a combined RFID / Barcoded product that was the tag used as part of this project. The first 1m containers were tagged with the Universal RFID Tags with resin encapsulation and special adhesive. These tags provided a solution that could be fixed in seconds to the totes and will provide many years of service. This process has enabled the business to reduce the amount of containers in stock by more than 20% and increase stock accuracy to over 99%.

Asset Tags

Romec are one of the UK leading Facility Management Companies. Romec needed a solution to create a single data structure for all assets under management. Torchwood designed specialist asset tags and bar code provided with colour indicators in a two-part label to allow engineers to mark the critical nature of the assets. This was achieved using a traffic light scheme and has proved to be a success with the customer and operators.


Computers4Africa is a charity organisation that collects unwanted IT equipment, provides a service to clean and process, before arranging donations to needy organisations in Africa. To improve the traceability and control processes C4A requested a solution to clearly identify the donated equipment. The Torchwood two part bar code produced on a tamper resistant label material was used. We also provided guidance as to the encoding and data structure using the GS1 Global Standards.