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RFID Product Range

The adoption of Automatic Identification (AutoID) has delivered clear benefits to a wide range of industries and sectors in enabling smarter ways to do business. AutoID incorporates the use of Barcodes, Radio Frequency (RFID), GPS and data capture. Auto ID is improving work rates, increasing efficiency and offers a better customer experience. Torchwood Technologies Ltd is at the forefront of this revolution from our UK manufacturing headquarters.

Custom rfid tags

Our quality assured RFID Asset Tracking tag which is a unique asset identification tag that can be custom built to your specifications and functions in even the harshest environments, for example custom rfid tags for pallets.

Our rapid prototyping and sampling service provides proof of concept models which means you are guaranteed a solution to your problem.

The Most Versatile Range of Durable RFID tags.


Our universal tag which is available in any size and with self-adhesive, providing an easy to fit solution.You can customise with your branding and visual information and with our encapsulation technology this tag offers excellent RFID read range and long life cycle.



Specially encapsulated RFID tags designed for use on wooden pallets and crates. A unique self-adhesive design delivers rapid and safe tag application. The adhesive has been specifically formulated for the challenges that wood presents.



Metallic materials can interfere with standard RFID tags. Our unique shielding technology enables you to work on metallic materials, providing excellent performance.



Product designed specifically to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures typical found in manufacturing and industrial processes. Torchwood delivers clear benefits ensuring that there is always a tailored answer for your business issues.



Derived from the universal tag, and with an advanced flexible encapsulation. This tag delivers a solution for specific surface characteristics.



Floor-tag® eliminates the need to encase or screw into concrete floors. This product is ideal for easy identification of your stock or pallet movements in warehouses or DC's. Any size tags are available, branded for your needs and the RFID can be encapsulated within the tag if required.


UK Manufactured

Our Tag range is UK manufactured with strict quality control. We guarantee our products – no questions asked. Whether you require 100 or 10 Million tags Torchwood can provide you with a solution.

Automated Solutions

Torchwood can provide solutions for the automated application of tags to your assets. Solutions can be integrated into your processes or work in a standalone environment.

Durability Built In

Our Tag range is built to last, reducing your ongoing refit or replacement costs and always providing excellent performance. Our products are independently tested and verified to withstand even the harshest industrial environments. We can provide specific testing for your individual requirements.

Offering Flexibility

When it comes to a tailored solution, Torchwwood really DOES LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND Whether it's size, shape, right adhesive or specific inlays, our UK manufacturing capability ensures every tag is fit for purpose - YOUR PURPOSE.