Retail RFID

Retail RFID clothing tags As part of our product range we have recently produced a rugged and reusable RFID / barcoded tag, showing our product attached to an EAS tag, although it can also be easily attached through the pin hole like a conventional 'swing ticket.'

Benefits for Retail  RFID

Please find below some key points on the benefits of the product –

  • There is clear evidence to suggest that a 1% improvement in inventory results in a 2% increase in sales!
  • Advanced Stock Management / Replenishment - The RFID chips provide re –writable memory for storing used data, in this case the apparel size, colour, style and quantity information can be recorded. Using a hand held reader the store manager can acquire the most up to date and accurate stock information.
  • Fast Merchandise tracking – Non contact identification allows the operators to simply 'scan' the area quickly to find specific merchandise and avoid losing a customer sale.
  • Stocktaking – Can be achieved easily by use of the handheld reader saving many hours of staff time in manual counting and recording.
  • Enhanced Customer Service – By releasing staff from clerical duties to spend more time with the customer.
  • Generating Higher sales / Profitability for your business with an excellent ROI.
  • Can also be used for 'Click & Collect' using a Geiger counter reader function.
  • Can be branded and linked directly to your web site using a QR code.
  • The tag can also be attached like a conventional 'swing ticket' through a pin hole for items that do not use an EAS tag.
  • Theft and loss can be more accurately monitored / prevented.


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